BBC Games Grid Company - BBC Multiplatform productions

Role - Assistant Content Producer

In it's role of providing education and entertainment to the public, the BBC has amassed quite a collection of games over the years. BBC Games Grid is an internal BBC project with the aim of honing a cohesive game commissioning proccess and provide an infrastructure to make the production of BBC games more effective and cost efficient.

Involved at the early stages of this project, my role was to facilitate a diagnostic process to better understand the current production proccesses and stakeholder (different internal departments) expectations.

Misfits game Client - Channel 4 drama, Company - Six to Start

Role - Social media co-ordinator

Misfits character Twitter feeds shown in the Ovi Nokia app specifically made for Misfits fans.
Working with Clerkenwell Films and Channel 4 to develop the Misfits Online Experience, Six to Start created an innovative cross platform campaign to promote E4s hotly anticipated new comedy drama Misfits. For every week of the TV show's run a new game based on the events of the most recent episode featured on the E4 website. Misfits was the first ever TV show to have an official live twitter accompaniment written by Misfit's writers.

Each character from the show had their own active profiles on a whole variety of social networks including Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Nokia music and original video content on the character Simon's Youtube channel.
The characters would not only broadcast additional story depth, but also interacted with comments of fans and even entered into conversations - bringing the audience even closer to the story world.
The online story told by the characters introduced a new character, the mysterious Super Hoodie, who crossed over into the TV show in the final episode, making the campaign 'cross platform' in both directions.

site: E4.com/misfits
The Twitter feeds

Nominated for Best Multiplatform Project at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2010


Smokescreen Client Channel 4 Education, Company - Six to Start

Role - Game Designer/Assistant Producer/Puzzles designer/illustrator/Art Director/Talent sourcing

site - client - reviews

Won the General Education Multimedia Award at the BUFVCs Learning on Screen 2010 conference.
SXSWi Best Game 2010


Playful Tinkering Workshop NLGD Festival of Games

Role - Workshop leader with Kars Alfrink
Two day workshop teaching Pervasive Game design


SuperHappyMoneyClap : Jumpstart conference ARG Client - Fremantle Media, Company - Six to Start

Role - Game Designer/Writer/Assistant Producer/Live Events co-ordinator/Set design and construction/Character control


The Shadow War Game : Young Bond ARG Client Puffin, Company - Six to Start

Role - Junior Game Designer/Assistant Producer

site - client - reviews

Liberty News : Spooks Code 9 ARG Client - BBC3/Kudos, Company - Six to Start

Role - Junior Game Designer/Assistant Producer/illustrator

case study - reviews


We Tell Stories Client Penguin, Company - Six to Start

Role - Puzzles designer/Producer for the 7th tale ARG and 'Slice'/Production assistant/Character control

site - client - reviews

Winner of SXSWi Experimental category and Best of Show 09)


Thinking Aloud
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

Role - Creative Producer (as Minkette)
ICA site

Train of Thought
A radio performance installation on the London Underground

Role - Director/Producer/Project Manager (as Minkette)
case study - review